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All about cosmetic dentistry London
Cosmetic dentistry is a term that is used in order to describe any kind of dental work performed for the improvement of the appearance of the person’s gums, teeth or even the way he bites.

It is a common practise for some dentists to call themselves cosmetic dentists irrespective of the education they have sought. It is an unethical practise as many patients get blinded by such false claims and is a marketing gimmick that could inflict a lot of damage on the health of the patients.

There are two kinds of dental specialities that are labelled as focussing on the cosmetic and the aesthetics of dentistry. These areas are the fields of Orthodontics and Prosthodontics. There are many dental specialities that can be labelled under the categories of cosmetic dentistry. Read more here :

The different practises that fall under the spectrum of cosmetic dentistry are addition of dental materials to the gum or teeth material. The examples of such categories are bonding, adding crowns or caps over the teeth, porcelain veneers or grafting of gums. Another category of procedures under the category of cosmetic dentistry are the removal of gums or other tooth structures. The examples of such procedures are enameloplasty and gingivectomy. The third category is that wherein there is no kind of addition or removal of dental materials. Such procedures are of the type of whitening of teeth, often referred to as bleaching. If someone goes in for the straightening of teeth so as to improve the looks of the face, it is also put under the category of cosmetic dentistry and is commonly called orthodontics.
If we were to consider the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure, it would definitely be the tooth bleaching, or the tooth whitening procedure.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Although there are many over the counter products available in the market today, it is recommended that you go in for treatments supervised by the doctors of you wish to whiten your teeth.
If you wish to reshape your tooth, you could get a cosmetic dentistry procedure that removes portions of the teeth enamel so as to improve their appearance. This could be done in order to correct a small chip, alter the length of the tooth or even its position or to correct crooked teeth. However, it is not possible to replace the enamel that is removed from the tooth as a result of this cosmetic read more about dentistry procedure. It might sometimes lead to a state where the dentin stands exposed. The results of this procedure are very fast and can sometimes be used in order to replicate the effect of braces.
In another cosmetic dental procedure a dental composite material that resembles the enamel is applied to the surface of the tooth that is then sculpted into a proper shape and then hardened and polished. This is referred to as bonding.
So, these are the various dental cosmetic procedures available in the market in today’s date that you could use in order to enhance your appearance.